Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Finding Time to quiet your mind & Breath (By SQY)

Do you ever hope that you can have more time in a day for yourself?
Time forever not enough ? (Money also not enough? hehehe). There are so many you need to do in a day!  

Do you know your mind runs a mile a minutes even when you think you are NOT thinking! 

When we are awake, we keep ourselves busy with daily activities &  only rest our eyes for longer hours when we go to bed (most of us bring worries with them to bed too...)

Our mind is just like a storage harddisk in a computer, we cant overload it with many things till it crushed & all data & memory gone!

Why we always keep our mind so busy all the time & not allow them to rest?

Oil combination for quiet the mind: Lavendula 1 drop, rose geranium 1 drop and Lemon 2 drops in tissue put near you or pocket. Calm mind immeditaely

Meditation is not related to any religion, is about breathing with your eyes closed to bring your mind (brains & memory) & body (physical) as ONE to stay focus!

The only moment when your can settle down the mind is to close your eyes for a minute. 
Let it calm & quiet.
  • In the MRT / Bus : 
    • While standing or sitting, keep your spine long & tall
    • Slowly close your eyes & listen to your own breath & feel the air coming in & out of your nostrils.
    • Slowly feel your tummy moving as you breath all the way down from your nose
    • Do keep the breath LONG & DEEP, SOFT & SMOOTH!
  • In your workplace :
    • Move your buttock all the way back to the chair so that your spine is resting comfortable tall & long.
    • Place your palms on your thighs & elbows will naturally bend by the side of your body and relax your elbows
    • Gently close your eyes & listen to your own breath (learn to filter all the noises around you).
Always remember : Do keep the breath LONG & DEEP, SOFT & SMOOTH! Spine Long & Tall!

You can do it anytime, anywhere eg in between advertisement when watching TV at home! 
Happy Breathing!

Tips : Use bryan laoshi oil :
Bryan Lao Shi teaching SIA meditations without religion
1 drop of Healing Tree Oil on your wrist, (for grounding), rub your wrists together & gently cup your eye & breath in & feel it!

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