Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Reflex for Sleep, tonic

Well, u and me, me and u. We all know the benefits of foot reflexology. But doing the right way and techniques.... is actually very easy. Some reflex outside is wither like "touch skin "(no kick)or press until so hard which result injuries.

Well, actually apply enough force can le.

Technical Specifications

1) 2 drops peppermint and 2 drops bryan relaxation blend in 20 cent size body lotion and apply massage the foot and press the point I share today.

Benefits: Sleep, Kidney nourish, Urine Problems and Rejuvenate tired body. Do both, but no time do one foot also ok.

After massage (anyhow can le) both feet with the blend. You are ready for Bryan' aroma footpress (invented by bryan lao shi)

Procedure after both feet massage with the cream:

A) First use a massage stick or thumb or finger knuckles press the purple spot massage in small circle for 1minute,

B) Glide down the violet line 10 times with thumb,

C) Press and massage the green spot for 2mins,

D) Take 3 deep breath

E) Press blue point with massage stick or knuckles for 1 min .
F)End with gentle massage the orange color for 2min.

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