Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Runner & IT bands (Article by SQY)

Article by Singapore Queen of Yoga which she will appear on July Seminar, have you registered?

In the recent years, running is getting very popular in Singapore.

If you are one of the regular runners, often suffer from the tightness caused by over-stressing & overusing the leg muscles. This tension limits your ranges of motion and can lead to injuries.

The iliotibial (IT) band is a tough group of fibers that run along the outside of the thigh. It functions primarily as a stabilizer during running & can become irritated from overuse & inflamed.  

Runners usually describes pain on the outside part of the knee or lower thigh, often worsened by going up or down stairs, or getting out of a car.

To relief the tightness of this muscle, practice this pose will work on the outer hip, & stretch this muscle and it is also a deep hip opening pose.

Tips: Before I go run, I will apply direct lavendula and marjoram a drop on knee and ankle[fights inflammations and relax muscles elasticity] . After run, at night, I will use 3 oil method (www.bryanomhealth.blogspot.com) massage legs. It makes whole lots of different.


Beginner :Be gentle with yourself, and go no further than your hip and groin muscles can afford. While you are learning this posture, you can put a block or towel under the hip of the front leg. The aim is to keep the hips even so give your body the support it needs to express the pose. Always keep your hip square (do not tilt your hip!)

Advanced: To go deeper, you can slowly bring your elbows on the floor & follow by the chest down. Stretch out your both arms to the front on the floor. 

 Notes : 
  • Stay in the pose for about at least 3 mins with your eye closed.  
  • A drop of lavender oil on palm rub warm and press ur your forehead (印堂)for 10 seconds & inhale & exhale deep to your chest.
  • Listen to your body & stopping when the muscles begin to start gripping & contracting.
{ When doing this stretching, you try put healing trees oil on bottom of feets, u can feel the different too}
Once the time is up, at the end of 3 mins or more, you might be surprised to find yourself much deeper than when you've started!

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