Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Today early morning go to office hear people say not so good comments.  It happened to you before too? Morning bright n nice but somehow people make u pek chek (frustrated) or u upset over something den face become black black (recently so many blacks) and feel chest tight (胸闷)

Try this quick acupoint tip with essential oil like Awakening blend.

1. Press the point about 0.1 inch away from the middle finger nail.  Press 7 to 15 times.  At home I use chopstick.  Go out dun use chopstick not glam.  Use pen cap tip or rounded hair pins.  This will sooth yr chest.

2.  Follow by pressing the side of point below the palm. See photo below.  Same thing 7 to 15 times.  This point helps to calm u down, promote your heart flow and breath.  remember to switch to the other hand.

The first point seems like unobviously pointing a finger haha ... easily to remember.  Ok just joking ah.  Try today and feel more heart relief :)

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