Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Caring for our Neck & Chin

Have you ever thought about looking good but yet we constantly think that we have round faces (double chin) and rough neck? Hoping that we have sharper chin or face contour?? I also wanted that and recently did some research and try it for myself!

Preserving the appearance of a long, graceful column isn't only about vanity. Like other anti-aging ploys, some of the effort you put into keeping your neck as youthful as possible will also help you stay well and fit in general.

6 Proven ways to promote a slim & sleek neckline:

1) Treat your neck as well as you treat your face

When you apply moisturiser to your face, don't forget your neck too! Use gentle upward strokes to avoid creating sagging skin. The same technique works for putting on foundation and sunscreen, Before bed, remove make-up and the day's grime with a good cleanser. Choose the softest tissues you can find and again, swipe from the base of your neck up to your chin.

Tips: Use Bryan's Anti-aging SunScreen SPF 25 during the day on face evenly as well as your neck area. At night, apply Sandalwood powder & mix on your neck & slight massage and leave it for 3 minutes. Next, wash off with warm water.

2) Practice good posture

Slouching over your computer is always a bad habit that we always have.. Make certain time to sit up straight & walk tall. (Traditional way of practicing walking while balancing a book on your head really does teach you how to stop slumping).

3) Exercise for a swanlike image

A simple and effective stretch to keep your neck almost wrinkle-free is to raise your chin as far up as possible and count to 10. Then relax and repeat several times. This is also an affective stress reliever in the middle of the work day.

Another good method for achieving a supple and firm neck is to lower your chin and then circle your head all the way around to the right. Next, repeat to the left. Then repeat the sequence 5 times.

4) Wear scarves to ward of weather damage

As S'pore always experiencing Summer all year round, don't let your guard down when it comes to shielding your neck from the sun's rays. In addition to sunscreen, tie on a pretty scarf. Apply some sun-block (Bryan's Anti-aging SunScreen SPF 25) against the harmful UV ray.

5) Avoid unhealthy food

One of the first places fat accumulates is on our chin hence we will develop & also known as double chin & that's also where it disappears first. If you gain and lose weight only to gain and lose again, you will be stretching your skin and then leaving it loose. Now you have one more good reason for consistently healthy eating.

6) Sleep slightly propped up

If you lie flat on your back, your chin will be pushed toward your chest. This position will undo all the beneficial effects of the stretching you did during the day. Be careful to place pillows not only under your head put also under your shoulders so you get a lift that keeps you properly aligned.

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