Sunday, 29 April 2018

Aromatic Affirmations Part Five

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Solar Plexus Affirmation

We store a lot of our emotional slop in our stomach area (the solar plexus). It's the bundle of nerves on the mid-line of the body that sits three inches below the sternum. The solar plexus controls the flight or fight response. It gives us momentum to move our lives forward and thrive in the place of self-respect and authentic confidence. Essential oils work beautifully to tone the solar plexus and are excellent confidence enhancers.

Anoint the palms of both hands with lemon, lemon grass, cypress, juniper berry or ginger lily. With your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your solar plexus, state with conviction:

" I have the power within myself to create a meaningful, beautiful, rich life. I believe in myself."

" I am at peace with myself and with the entire universe. Everything is flowing perfectly and in divine flow. I trust myself and I'm unfolding.

" I stand up for myself and believe in my personal power and worth."

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