Monday, 16 April 2018

omhealth GOLD TEA (Must Try!) 

Good morning to bright beautiful Monday morning..
Would like to share my personal favorite drink which is the authentic & natural omhealth GOLD TEA (less sweeten) which I would drink whenever I'm feeling thirsty, tired & dehydrated (especially during this period whereby the weather is getting extremely hot...)

16 Benefits of Green Tea

1) Fights Cancer
2) Lower Cholesterol
3) Prevents Cavities
4) Protects against heart disease
5) Speeds metabolism
6) Prevents diabetes
7) Antiviral agent
8) Maintains a healthy circulatory system
9) Strengthens tooth enamel
10) Reduces plague & bacteria in your mouth
11) Prevents dementia
12) Full of antioxidants
13) Prevents food poisoning
14) Gives healthy skin
15) Prevents bad breath (for people around you with such problem, you can offer them this tea..)
16) Detoxifies

Why not grab a cup today for your lunch or tea break this afternoon?

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