Monday, 4 June 2018

Essential oils works on the Mind

Essential oils can be used to help promote a state of mind. For example, stimulating oils can be used to enhance focus, while oils that are calming enable us to relax and help to combat the effects of stress.
Studies shows that the compound linalool in lavender and clary sage reduces anxiety, while limonene, found in many citrus oils, can ease anxiety and lift depression.

Chamomile and bergamot essential oils contain the compounds alpha- and beta- pinene, which also work as antidepressants, helping to lift the spirits and increase feelings of wellbeing.
When we feel anxious or depressed, it's not just our minds that are affected, our bodies can also suffer.

For example, we tend to hold tension in our muscles when we are anxious. Many oils have both mood- enhancing properties and physiological effects so they treat both the mental and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

An aromatherapy massage adds the inherently relaxing benefits of touch to an oil's therapeutic effects, which can be profoundly calming and uplifting. Even without the benefit of touch, simply smelling a pleasant aroma can reduce stress- induced muscle tension.

Chamomile : Calming and help to balance emotions
Lavender: Deep relaxing properties
Rosemary spanish: Clear the mind and enhance focus
Rose Geranium: Uplifting and balance emotions

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