Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Aromatic Affirmations Part Two

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Mind Affirmation

Non-beneficial thoughts can prevent us from moving forward into authentic actions in our lives. 
Rise above them. Don't give those dark thoughts your vital energy; it will only drag you down and you have too much vibrant living to do.

This affirmation clears the mental cobwebs to create quantifiable momentum into the life that you have always dreamed.

Add one drop of rosemary, basil or lemongrass to your fingertips. Place them on top of your head, your third eye, and at the base of your skull. Apply firm but gentle pressure to the head and state one of these affirmations:

" My thoughts are clear, focused, and supporting me to achieve my most intimate aspirations."

" I'm in full alignment with my higher and lower selves to create union, momentum, and perfect unfoldment."

" I trust my inner wisdom and use it to guide me in all aspects of life."

" I am present in this moment."

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