Sunday, 22 April 2018

Aromatic Affirmations Part One

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Part One

Why affirmations?
Words have powerful vibrations. Experiments showed that water molecules change their shape depending on what is written on a jar of water. Words like "love", "gratitude" and "peace" form beautiful crystalline formations, whereas words like "hate", "war", and " destruction" form irregular and disfigured shapes. Since we are made from mostly water, we can encode our bodies with messages that are dynamic, empowering, and love-filled.

In dark moments, we tend to forget that we have the ability to shape our daily experience. We can choose love or fear in every situation. Choose love.

Repeat your chosen affirmation slowly and with intention. Allow the potency of the oils to penetrate deeply inside you. Track them. Ask for messages, clarity and clearing on specific matters that are affecting your life. Keep a journal to record any memories, ideas, thoughts, or insights that come from this meditation. Essential oils have tremendous wisdom and healing ability. The more you welcome them in, the more they're able to work their magic.

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