Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hot and sticky?

Hmmm wat did i not bring? Another pair of socks? Check. Perfume? Check. Plastic bag for soaked socks? Check. Ahhh or should I just change to slippers instead? Ahhhhhhhhhhh...! *headache

Does tis ever occur to u? On a typical weekend, u intended to set out of the house in yr most comfortable track shoes ... And u also need to visit a fren at his home later.... Or go to a temple for some peace n quiet time... Or as simple as a bowling time with yr buddies.  Yet all u worry abt is the sour smell u may let out the minute u take off yr shoes?... Ewwww.... Ya all yr image gone. Poof !

U got me. It happens too often. I had to quickly ask where the bathroom is at my fren's place in order to wash my feet.... N not before I left some traces of smell from the living room trailing all the way to the toilet. (*.*)

Smelly feet is definitely not a choice; esp. in a humid country like our beautiful SG.  But we can all treat this foot odor at the early stages.  When your feet sweat due to exterior heat or exercise, it creates an optimum environment for the growth of bacteria.  Your foot is covered with sweat glands and when perspiration combines with the bacteria growing there it creates a smell.  Eliminate or reduce the amount of sweat and you will likely reduce the odor.

Some of us (definitely me) had to resort to open toe heels instead of the power and killer sexy looking Mary Jane shoes. Trust me, I seriously drool over and jealous with ladies who can pull off sexy covered heels.  But still this does not really help!!  Bacteria are often present on our feet as they feed off the dead skin on the soles of our feet and between our toes.  Sloughing or using pumice can help to reduce that dead skin on the sole and eliminate some of their food source.  This bacteria has a distinct odor that is reminiscent of cheese.  So now you know open toe shoes are not the "cure" either. 

What can you do to prevent having smelly feet?  Limit the amount of sweat on your feet first.  Wear shoes with good ventilation and have regular times of the day when you don’t wear shoes at all, such as in your home.  Rotate the shoes that you wear, perhaps on a weekly basis.  Also choose a good quality cotton sock over one made with polyester or nylon.  Those products don’t breathe as well and cotton is more absorbent to help wick away the sweat as it surfaces.

You can also help yourself with some homemade (with love) foot powder.

1 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
3 drops omhealth lavendula vera essential oil (powerful antibacterial)
7 drops Peppermint Avernesis essential oil (antiseptic)
2 drops Cliincal Grade Tea tree oil (anti-viral & anti-fungal)

Mix all the oils and the powder thoroughly.  Store in a shaker container, such as an old talcum powder container.  Lightly dust over bare feet before putting on socks and in shoes too.  You will feel better smelly the oils too !

Alternatively, you may choose below combination for change of aroma (keep to 12 drops to 1 cup of baking soda):
Lavender, lemon (disinfectant) and rosemary (anti-bacterial & antiseptic)
If you are uncomfortable with baking soda, you may also buy a talcum powder off the shelf and add these oil and mix.

Remember to keep your feet dry at all times possible.  Change socks daily (you should also turn your socks inside out when washing to clear all the bacterial.
Ahhhh now I can sleep soundly and not having to worry about my stinky feet lingering at my fren's place tomorrow ... Sweet dreams ;)

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