Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Simple acupoints to swear by

Bryan Laoshi has shared many knowledge in his East Meets West class.

To recap for his students and easy for anyone to use :D
All meridians should be pressed 6 times each.

Can you still remember the ISO standard abbreviations of the 12 meridians?  hehe...

1. Indigestions?  Diarrhea?  Stomaches and Nausea?
---> Arc of foot, one thumb width in the back of the ball of the foot (do this while waiting for TV advertisement to finish)

2.  Feeling fatigue?  Drained by work & life?  And having stomach related problems such as indigestions, bloatedness?
--->  Cup your palm on the knee cap.  And relaxingly spread open your fingers.  On the 4th finger is the Zu San Li ( 足三里 - let u walk another 3 mile ^_^ ).  This strengthens the body too.  You can do anytime like while watching TV or waiting for bus (do it graciously and unknowingly to public hehe)

3.  Having Insomnia?  Worried?  Got pek chek from work cannot sleep?  Had a tiff with bf before sleep?  Oooops.
--->  These 2 meridians improve body Qi, insomnia, headaches, giddiness, constipations, hot flushes & fainting.

4.  Insomnia?  Sim teh (heart pain)?  Forgetful???
--->  These 2 points relieve body pain and discomfort  (press while u on the bus / mrt watching drama :P )

5.  Stomaches?  Indigestion?  Nausea?  Anxiety?
--->  4 fingers below the wrist, middle point.

6.  Got eye infection?  Neck pain?  Fever aches?  Dizziness?  Painful PMS?  Or night sweatiness?
--->  This meridian also helps when you have body heatiness.  Press and u will feel an aching feeling at first.  a few more time will be ok le.

6.  Sore throat?  Bad persistent cough?

When you try these meridians once twice thrice, you will slowly remember where to press at what occasions.  Make it a habitual to do these daily activation of important meridians, such as #1, 2 and 3 and you will experience impreovements in general health.  :D

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