Thursday, 11 April 2013

Qi Flow - Upper Body

Looking around & observing people when travel by MRT / buses / public places, more than half of the crowd are looking at their smartphone including kids!

Are you one of them?  Frankly, I am!

First GUARD yourself with

Cotton/ tissue : 1 drop lavendula, 1 drop lemon and 1 drop peppermint. This combination protect a person's QI and boost immune system . for oil details;

When looking at the phone (playing game, checking emails etc), the head is bending down.  If we stay in this position for long time, the back of the neck follow by the shoulder will get tighter & stiff.

The bad energy (Qi) will trap in our upper part of body after looking at the computer or phone for long. There are may postures to open our shoulder and release the tension & allow proper blood flow (Qi flow) to the upper part of the body all the way to our finger tips

Wall Plank


Steps by Steps :
  • Drop Bryan's 5 elements oils on the wrist & rub them together. Place your wrist near your nose & inhale softly with your eyes closed. Serious case can add healing trees oil at base of foot.
  • Stand in front of a wall at arm’s length. Reach forward from your shoulders and place your palms on the wall, fingers wide open, middle fingers pointing straight at the ceiling.
  • Firm your fingers into the wall & spine parallel to the floor & folding wrist. Eventually you’ll come to an L-shape as seen here. 
  • Slowly let go your head & it will naturally move forward (like hanging). 
  • Feel the gravity pulling your body weight down to the floor & getting heavy.  Sensation slowly coming from the shoulder blade & upper body including your fingers. Some may also feel the back of your legs (for tight hamstring)
  • If you can’t get there today without feeling pain or rounding in the lower back, bend your knees and maintain the proper spinal alignment.
  • When into the pose, close your eyes & hold it for min 3 minutes depending your endurance level
Cautions :
When releasing from pose, do it very slowly to allow the blood moving downwards from the head after holding forward for a while.
Enjoy ! And this posture improve skin radiance. Do it after hydrating mask omhealth is extremely good.

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