Monday, 18 March 2013

Food cure for cough [SSLL]

Everywhere I go, no matter where I am, in the MRT, bus, shopping malls and even in the office, I can hear people coughing so badly, some with phlegm and some without ...  my throat is also irritated and 'itchy', you know what I mean.

Guard yourself with a drop of lavendula, lemon and eucalyptus on tissue, Carry with u and inhale in MRT or bus. It guards against cough virus.

Data technical Specifications:

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Yield: Serves 2


Asian pears with honey are a simple and effective home remedy for coughs and sore throat. My aunty used to do this for us but is also known for beauty. Unlike many cough medicines, it actually helps to heal the symptoms and not just suppress them. Enjoy this delicious and medicinal snack 2-3 times a day while you're fighting the cold virus.

Korean Cough Remedy
As  parents, have u been too busy with work and forget the ancient remedies that your child will remember or ur family appreciate your preparations?

Do something. Is worth it. Remember when was the last time u cook some things.


Wash the big pear and pat dry with paper towels. Cut the top off the pears and set aside (these will become the lid). Remove the core. If desired, cut off a small slice at the bottom so that the pear will stand straight during steaming. (Note: Depending on the type of steaming equipment you are using, you may find it difficult to stand the pears upright and cover for steaming. In that case, slice the pears lengthwise, core, and spoon the honey.

A) Chuan Bei Pi Pa Pear [for relieving of cough and nourishing of your lung]

1) 1 big gong pear (brown skin) 
2) 1 tablespoon Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao
3) 2 tablespoon of rock sugar

Remove the skin and core, put all the 3 ingredients into the pear and steam for half an hour.  Drink the soup and eat the pear while it is warm.

B) Honey and Pear [Honey I use is the watercress eucalyptus Honey, smelly but power]

Halve and core the Pear;
Put in honey to the hole and u can coat the side with honey too.
Steam for about 15 minutes in a steamer or in a couple inches of water.
After it has cooled, eat with a spoon.

C) Lazy method 

Cut the pear into pieces and drizzle generously with honey. Steam in a poaching cup for about ten minutes and then eat. (This is lazy method lor)

Please note: Infants under 12 months of age should not be given honey under any circumstance

Start trying out this new food cure, you will love it.

Prepare by SL, verified and validated by Bryan Lao Shi.

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