Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lung - Yin Organ (by SQY)

When i first saw this symbol, i relates it to religion, but in my learning path as yoga practitioner, i started to understand the hidden meaning within this symbol, that is about the Yin (阴) & the Yang (阳)which is closely related to our life!
Yin & Yang Symbol

Yang represents Sun, Male, or anything that is Bright, Energetic, Movement, etc.

Yin represents Moon, Female or anything that is Dark, Slow, Stagnant, etc.

So there is always Yang within Yin, Yin within Yang

Our organs also classified into its Yin and its Yang.

Lung is one of the Yin organ in our body, its partner organ ie Yang is Large Intestine.

All of us know the basic function of the Lung is about breathing. When we breath, Qi (气)moving in & out of our body through nose (sometimes mouth) and this is how the energy circulate to keep us alive.

During our day, we involve in activities (ie Yang) and feel tire after too much Yang. Hence, we need to replenish our Qi by resting our body (ie Yin).

There are many ways to nourish your Lung's Qi,  You can try this before you go to bed or whenever you feel tire after long day of work.

If u combine the 5 organs oil before this breathing exercise, u will receive multiple claming effects with calmness at heart and boost skin immune system

Before this yoga, Rub healing trees oil at sole of both feet (nerves ending will soothe the 5 YIN organs) .Than 2 drops lavendula vera on ur palm warm both palm and rub ur neck abit. And u are ready.

    • Resting your UPPERBACK & head on blanket or yoga block so to lift your chest slightly higher. 
    • Adjust the height (as long as you feel comfortable resting), allow legs comfortably to the front 
    • Bring your arms above your shoulder, remember NOT to force your arms touching the floor if your shoulder is tight.
    • Slowly close yr eyes (you can play some relaxation music) 
    • Feel the changes & sensation in yr arms and shoulder after 1 or 2 mins. 
    • Allow your breath moving from nostril & down to your belly (remember not forcefully) & feel the movement of.your chest and stomach.
    Written by Singapore Yoga Queen for dangdanghealth and verified by bryan lao shi.

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