Monday, 18 March 2013

Introduction to Dang Dang Health Group

This blog was created in 2012 and for 6 years it has be a silent;

So I have decided to rejuvenate this blog again and let 5 profession to handle from 

1) Professional Yoga Teacher
She will share all essential yoga posture for health.

2) Foodcure specialists
She will prepare recipes that has been cooked and tasted for health.

3) Nutrition health guru
She will introduce the flower tea for beauty

4) Certified reflexologist
Clear instructions for foot reflex.

5) Art Therapist
Introduction of clear art therapy for mental wellness.

6) Good food appreciation specialist 
Introduce where has nice food in SIngapore or preparations of dishes for taste bud.

7) A TCM doctor to impart some health knowledge

Together I have gather them to create this blog for you:>

We can purposfully alter our state of mind, the health of our bodies and the insight of our spirits. The body/Mind /Spirit is our vehicle of experience, exploring and changing the universe.

This blog is an extension of Strictly , clear acupressure points picture and organised in a clear manners. All informations gathered are tried and proper researched.

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